Why GRP can save you money and time!

A question many people ask, what is GRP?  GRP also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic is a composites material known as Fibreglass. And now you are wondering why use GRP?   It is a lightweight equivalent to steel.  This will save you time and money as it is easy to transport [...]

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GRP Pultruded Profiles

We stock a wide range of GRP Pultruded Profiles. Our technically advanced GRP formulation delivers excellent corrosion resistance and durability to provide a cost effective, alternative to steel, aluminium and timber. Suitable for walkways, platforms, ladders and handrails, lightweight GRP is easy to install and does not require heavy lifting [...]

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Engineered Composites

What is GRP

What is GRP? What is FRP? And What is GFRP? It can be very confusing. The acronyms stand for the following:- • FRP Fibre Reinforced Polymer • GFRP Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer • GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer Therefore the terms FRP, GFRP and GRP can all mean a Glass Fibre [...]

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