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GRP Products For Hospitals

Engineered Composites work with a multitude of hospitals and healthcare practices up and down the country to supply high-quality GRP products. Hospitals – just like various other public places – have an incredibly high footfall on a daily basis which naturally increases the risk of potential falls, injuries or accidents. It’s highly important that hospitals do everything in their power to look after patients and make it as safe an environment as it possibly can be. GRP products and anti-slip flooring certainly helps with that. For hospitals, the main three GRP products we supply and install are GRP anti-slip flooring, GRP handrails, and GRP stair treads.

For more information, please call us today on 01244 676000 to order now.

For more information, please call us today on 01244 676000 to order now.

GRP Anti-Slip Flooring

Hospitals are full of vulnerable patients, young and old, that need the best possible care to get better. However, because of the high footfall, hospitals are a place where falls are at increased risk. But not when you install high-quality GRP anti-slip flooring. Our anti-slip flooring is suitable for hospital floors, hospital stairs, ramps, and much more. Engineered Composites have a wide range of anti-slip flooring solutions to suit your specific requirements and with decades of experience in the industry, it’s great to know that you are truly in the best hands. Moreover, we are also able to provide GRP gratings, anti-slip tapes, and more.

GRP Handrails

Another highly popular product that we install for hospitals is GRP handrails. In combination with anti-slip flooring products, GRP handrails can be a fantastic addition to help unstable patients with walking through various parts of the hospital and help with that extra stability that might be essential. Engineered Composites are able to supply and install both GRP modular and GRP standard handrails to bespoke specification. There are a number of different options to select from including End Stanchion, Corner Stanchion, 4-Way Connection, 90-Degree Elbow, Long 3 Way Connector, and more.

GRP Stair Treads

Engineered Composites are also able to supply GRP stair treads for hospitals and private healthcare practices. In your typical hospitals, there are of course multiple floors that people are travelling up and down throughout their visiting times. Because of the high footfall, stairs can be a dangerous place for potential trips, falls and accidents. But they are made much safer with GRP stair treads. Our specialist team are able to supply GRP stair treads and nosing for all types of surfaces and they come in all sizes. When you remove the slip risk, you remove the liability.

hospital grp products

Why GRP For Healthcare?

You might be thinking at this stage – why are GRP products the best option for hospitals? There are many reasons why it’s true. GRP products are proven to resist corrosion, impact and grease and because of this they require very minimal maintenance. With GRP, you are guaranteed made-to-measure products that last for the years to come. Furthermore, GRP has a fantastic high-strength-to-weight ratio that is equal and perhaps even superior to traditional alternatives such as steel. GRP products are proven to deliver a long-term practical solution that overcomes various obstacles that hospital environments encounter on a daily basis. Further benefits include;-

  • Highly versatile

  • Highly flexible

  • Corrosion resistant

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • And much more

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