grp products for golf courses

GRP Products For Golf Courses

Engineered Composites are also able to supply GRP products for local golf courses and golf clubs. GRP has been making it’s way onto the golf course over the last few years as the demand continues to surge for high-quality and durable products for golf courses. We work with a number of different clients from small golf clubs to some of the biggest names in the gold industry. Just a few of the main GRP products that we supply to golf courses include GRP moulded gratings, anti-slip decking strips, and GRP tubes for golfing flag poles. If you’re looking to enhance the safety and practicality at your golf course, we can help.

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GRP Moulded Gratings

GRP moulded gratings are one of the most popular GRP products that we supply to golf courses. GRP moulded gratings can be used for a number of reasons at your golf course including for platforms, drainage, and for a variety of walkways. Many golf courses traditionally use steel gratings but are now starting to steer away from steel and to GRP gratings as they are much more durable and lighter than steel gratings. There are a diverse range of options to select from with GRP moulded gratings. But for golf course applications, we highly recommend GRP solid top grating and open mesh grating.

Anti-Slip Decking Strips

Engineered Composites also recommends anti-slip decking strips for golf courses. Anti-slip decking strips are the perfect product that are suitable for all walkway areas across your golf course including bridges, sleeper steps, and decking. Our number one recommendation with anti-slip decking strips is our very own GRP anti-slip 50mm decking strip that comes in green. This is recommended as it’s great for safety and will also blends in with the green turf that golfers simply love. Anti-slip decking strips are also available in yellow and black so you can be sure we have the colour to suit your preferences.

GRP Tubes For Flag Poles

Did you know that we are also able to supply GRP tubes for flag poles? Yes, that’s right, we have a wide range of GRP tubes available that are more than suitable to be used as flag poles at your golf course. Choose from a number of different styles and heights available from Engineered Composites. Choosing GRP tubes for flag poles will present a multitude of benefits and you won’t have to worry about buying more poles year on year as the GRP material itself is highly durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions. GRP tubes are much lighter than steel tubes and manual handling is much quicker and easier.

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Why GRP For Golf Courses?

As you can see from the above three main products that we supply for golf courses, GRP is a fantastic product that we have seen more and more golf course owners taking advantage of. When running a golf club, it’s essential to use your budget wisely to ensure profitability and also quality applications for your members. GRP materials – especially when compared to traditional materials – is a much better and more durable type material that requires minimal maintenance. Other benefits of choosing GRP products for flagpoles, anti-slip decking strips and other applications include;-

• Highly versatile
• Highly flexible
• Corrosion resistant
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• And much more

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