Industrial GRP Products

Are you looking for industrial GRP products? If so, look no further than Engineered Composites. We have been supplying GRP products for industrial purposes and applications for over 35 years and continue to offer an unrivaled service. For many industrial uses, corrosion-free products are absolutely essential and that’s exactly what you get with GRP products. Our GRP products are low maintenance and a much better long-lasting alternative to steel products.

Our GRP is available to a diverse range of industrial sectors including oil & gas, water, chemical handling, food & beverages, and many more. Check out our products below or get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01244 6766000.

GRP Handrails

Engineered Composites supply both GRP Standard Handrails and GRP Modular Handrails for industrial use. GRP Handrails are corrosion-free and require little maintenance. They are a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications and are commonly installed at airports, workstations, and railway stations for public security. Both modular and standard handrails comply fully with the BS1422-3 Stairs, Stepladders, and Guardrails. In an environment where safety is an issue and products have a lot of exposure to outdoor elements, there is truly no better option than GRP.

GRP Standard Handrails
GRP Mesh Fencing

GRP Fencing

GRP Fencing is another popular product that we supply for industrial use. Options to choose from include GRP Palisade Fencing and GRP Mesh Fencing. GRP Fencing is a much better option for industrial use when compared to alternatives such as conventional structures. This is because GRP is non-conductive and non-corrosive. Therefore, you are getting the security benefits alongside the fact that maintenance will not be required. GRP Fencing is also regularly used within industrial settings to fence off dangerous no-zones to protect the general public.

GRP Interlocking Flooring

Another hugely popular GRP product for industrial use. GRP Deck500 Interlocking Flooring is an anti-slip flooring system that is used in various industrial settings for walkways, pedestrian bridge decks, and work platforms. Interlocking Flooring is particularly useful in industrial environments where harsh weather conditions are apparent to protect the safety of the general public. Moreover, they are also beneficial within industrial areas where employees may be at risk of fatalities due to slipping in chemical plants and power stations.

Deck 500 Walkway
GRP Moulded Grating

GRP Moulded Gratings

GRP Moulded Gratings are perfect for industrial settings as they are able to withstand all types of weather conditions and chemicals. Although steel gratings are the traditional option for industrial settings, GRP Moulded Gratings are fast becoming the number one choice due to their corrosion-resistant feature and durability. Engineered Composites provide a number of different types of GRP Moulded Gratings products including Open Mesh Gratings, GRP Solid Top Gratings, Mini Mesh Gratings, and more.

GRP Pultruded Profiles

GRP Pultruded Profiles are fast becoming the number one option for profiles for industrial settings and environments. Although for a long time, steel profiles have been the go-to choice, GRP is fast overtaking steel, wood, and also concrete profiles. GRP Pultruded Profiles are highly versatile, flexible, and can be installed in a wide variety of industrial settings. Here at Engineered Composites, we get orders for GRP Pultruded Profiles from industrial companies looking for profiles for manufacturing plants, water treatment works, and for a whole host of other applications.

GRP Pultruded Profiles