Marine GRP Products

Engineered Composites supply and deliver a multitude of high-quality GRP products for the Marine Industry. Fall protection is essential for the Marine industry with slippery surfaces almost being guaranteed. Our products offer direct solutions to almost any potentially hazardous walking surface that is regularly used by both the general public and employees. As well as supplying GRP anti-slip products, we also supply GRP Rebar, Moulded Gratings, GRP Handrails, and more. All products we supply are durable, hard-wearing and can be tailored towards your specific needs and requirements.

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GRP Handrails

Engineered Composites supply and deliver high-quality GRP Handrails for the Marine industry. GRP is the perfect material for handrails in particularly harsh environments and is therefore more than ideal for the Marine industry where its corrosion resistance characteristic makes it a much better long-term option when compared to other traditional options. Handrails are imperative for the Marine industry to protect employees and the general public from the risk of falling from heights and when travelling onto boats, ships, and other water vehicles. GRP Modular Handrails and GRP Standard Handrails are the main options.

GRP Rebar

GRP/FRP Rebar is often used in under water sculptures as the corrosive resistance to salt water is perfect. We stock an extensive range of GRP Rebar in its natural unpigmented colour, semi-translucent beige. We can source a range of coloured GRP Rebar to suit exact specifications, as it is often useful to colour code different diameters when undertaking complex reinforcement projects.

GRP Floors

GRP Interlocking Flooring

GRP Interlocking Flooring is an essential component for the Marine industry. Safety is paramount for people working in these high-risk environments and Interlocking Flooring is one of the best ways to protect all people that use your Marine facilities. GRP is a much safer and better alternative when compared to traditional flooring types as it provides improved slip resistance. Environments that include docks, pontoons and ferries tend to be slippery the majority of the time. With GRP Interlocking Flooring, minimal maintenance will be required.

GRP Anti-Slip Products

Another fantastic option for the Marine industry. GRP Anti-Slip products, just like Interlocking Flooring products, mitigates the risk of slips and falls, and meets relevant Health & Safety standards. Lightweight and impact resistant, our Anti-Slip products can be easily installed onsite. Our GRP Anti-Slip Products are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin. Anti-Slip Products to select from include gritted sheets. They also provide low life-cycle costs so once installed, you won’t have to worry about maintaining or replacing for a long time.

Deck 500 Walkway
GRP Moulded Grating

GRP Moulded Gratings

Did you know that we also supply high-quality GRP Moulded Gratings for the Marine industry? Moulded Gratings are fantastic for withstanding the effects of corrosion that is a real possibility in the Marine industry. Gratings are constructed with strength high on the agenda and Gratings can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Our competitive pricing enables us to offer a direct alternative to galvanised steel and aluminium. Popular Gratings include Open Mesh Grating, GRP Solid Top Gratings, and Mini Mesh Gratings.