GRP Scaffold Tubes

GRP Scaffold Tubes

Fiberglass GRP Scaffold Tubes are stocked in tubes which have the same outer diameter as standard aluminium and steel Scaffold Tubes, 48.5mm, therefore standard scaffold couplers and fittings can be used on the GRP Scaffold Tubes.

The advantages of GRP Scaffold Tubes are that they are lighter than Steel and therefore use less fuel in their transportation to and from sites. The manual handling is quicker and easier with less likelihood of injury or fatigue. Only small capacity hoists are needed for the higher levels of the scaffolding systems.

They also do not corrode and therefore are excellent for the food or pharmaceutical industry. They are non-conductive and non-electromagnetic which is a requirement for sites near power stations and electrical sub stations.


GRP Scaffold Tubes

Stock Sizes

Outside Diameter (mm) Inside Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Weight Per M (kg) Stock Length (mm) Colour
48.5 35 6.65 1.60 6000 Red
48.5 35 6.65 1.60 6000 Yellow

Technical Data

Property Units Property Data
Tensile Strength MPA 170
Tensile Modulus GPA 30
Flexural Strength MPA 170
Density g/cc 1.8
Electrical Strength KV/mm 10
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 0.35
Water Absorption % wt/wt 0.20%
Axial Modulus GPA 30
Axial Strength MPA >300
Transverse Crush Strength KN 100
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- 6 metres as standard

Colours are :-

- Scaffold Tubes are available in Red and Yellow.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Scaffold Tubes?

GRP Scaffold Tubes provide a number of fantastic benefits when compared to alternative options. Unlike conventional tubes, scaffold tubes are corrosion-resistant and are therefore ideal for industries such as construction and engineering. Moreover, scaffold tubes are also proven to be non-conductive and are regularly used in power or at substations.

What Are The Colours Available?

Engineered Composites do our utmost to cater to specific customer requests in regards to colours. However, the two main colours that we provide that are readily available to purchase from our online store today are red and yellow. Both of these colours are good choices for a range of industries and they are lighter than steel which means less fuel is being used during transportation and delivery.

What Other GRP Products Do You Supply?

We are always looking to serve your needs and requirements in the best way possible. Whether you’re looking to order GRP scaffold tubes and/or alternative GRP products, we can accommodate your requests and arrange next-day deliveries wherever possible. As well as GRP scaffold tubes, other products also include handrails, flooring, pultruded profiles, fencing, and gratings.

What Sectors Do You Serve?

Engineered Composites supply GRP scaffold tubes to a multitude of sectors including food, pharmaceutical, building, construction, water, and many more. We serve all sectors with the same integrity and quality of service with all GRP suppliers operating in accordance with stringent ISO 9001 quality standards.

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