grp decking strips

GRP Decking Strips

Here at Engineered Composites, we are able to supply GRP decking strips for residential, commercial and industrial customers. GRP decking strips are suitable for a multitude of applications and are available in a number of different colours to suit your bespoke requirements. Engineered Composites supply 50mm and 90mm decking strips in yellow, black, and green. If you’re looking for a tough and resilient solution against extreme weather conditions, GRP decking strips are perfect.

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The main purpose of decking strips is to provide additional safety for surfaces that have to regularly contend with slipper outdoor elements such as water, moss, algae, and mould. Decking strips supplied by Engineered Composites are designed to fit directly onto existing timber decking and you’ll gain complete peace of mind when purchasing from us as all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.

GRP Decking Strips – Colours

Engineered Composites supply GRP decking strips in three main colours; yellow, green and black. All three colour choices are available in two main sizes which are 50mm and 90mm. Take a look at the colour options below:

grp decking strips

Yellow Decking Strips – Available in 50mm & 90mm.

green decking strip

Green Decking Strips – Available in 50mm & 90mm.

black decking strip

Black Decking Strips – Available in 50mm & 90mm

Where Are The Material Characteristics?

The material characteristics of GRP decking strips is what makes them such a fantastic option, especially when compared to more traditional material alternatives. You are absolutely guaranteed quality assurance as all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001. Moreover, all decking strips produced and supplied are also fire resistant and slip resistant in order to help with reducing slips, trips and falls on wet and slippery surfaces. Moreover, decking strips are also slip resistant and are highly durable, providing quality performance over its total lifespan.

GRP Decking Strips – Benefits

There are a wide range of benefits that you’ll reap from choosing GRP decking strips. As well as the product being slip-resistant and fire retardant, decking strips also require minimal maintenance throughout the years in order for them to be kept in top condition. Moreover, they are high in strength and are UV stable. Furthermore, you can expect GRP decking strips to be extremely flexible as they are a fantastic solution for virtually any type of deck boards whilst still keeping the aesthetics of the timber boards. As well as being extremely suitable for residential decking and gardening areas, GRP decking strips are also regularly requested for pedestrian walkways, over bridges, and other public areas where there may be an increased chance of slipping.

Where Else Are GRP Decking Strips Used?

GRP Decking strips can be used in a wide range of other commercial and industrial environments including board walks, fishing docks, ramps, stairs, state parks, restaurants, theme parks, golf clubs, and medical facilities. The list is truly endless. Wherever there is an increased risk of slipping, you’ll benefit from having GRP decking strips. GRP decking strips are the natural evolution that has come from anti-slip tape and they are a much more reliable and long-term solution. 


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