GRP Palisade Fencing & Gates

GRP Pales independently tested & comply with the requirements of BS 1722-12:2016 for General Purpose Fences & comply with BS EN 13706, either E17 or E23 Fence Panels are supplied in Kit form to be assembled. This saves on high carriage costs. All the fence profiles are pre-drilled for easy assembly, removing the need for jigs and enabling assembly on site.

Fence Posts are supplied pre-drilled with the required cleats. Embedded Posts include GRP Rebar which is embedded into the concrete to act as a key. Surface mounted posts can be supplied with a metal foot and end cap.

GRP is used on the railway as it is non-conductive, we supply in green and grey as pictured below. Safety is absolutely paramount for railways infrastructure and the best products are essential.

Power stations is another industry that benefits from the non-conductive properties of GRP

One obstacle we had when trying to pre-cut and drill everything was when there was a slope within the project.  We have now created a solution for using GRP Palisade Fencing on a slope so panels which need to be installed on a slope will still be pre-cut and drilled.

We supply single pedestrian access gates and double leaf transport access gates.

Gates are pre-assembled so once it arrives on site you only have to insert the posts into the ground and attach the gate, reducing time on site and the number of people to install

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