GRP Palisade Fencing

The non-conductive, lightweight properties of GRP fencing make it a highly effective alternative to traditional steel fencing, whilst still maintaining the strength. It is highly beneficial in areas such as railways, electrical substations, electrical enclosures and chemical sites.

GRP Palisade Fencing - GRP Pales independently tested & comply with the requirements of BS 1722-12:2016 for General Purpose Fences & comply with BS EN 13706, either E17 or E23 Fence Panels are supplied in Kit form to be assembled. This saves on high carriage costs. All the fence profiles are pre-drilled for easy assembly, removing the need for jigs and enabling assembly on site.

Fence Posts are supplied pre-drilled with the required cleats. Embedded Posts include GRP Rebar which is embedded into the concrete to act as a key. Surface mounted posts can be supplied with a metal foot and end cap.


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GRP Palisade Fencing

BSEN13706 Specification for Pultruded Profiles defines two grades of structural profiles. Our structural profiles with a wall thickness of over 5mm meet the higher performance E23 grade, while those at 3-5mm thick meet the E17 grade. Please view our Technical Data Table below for further specifications.

 UnitsProperty DataProperty Data
  E 23 GradeE 17 Grade
Full section modulusGPa2317
Tensile strength (axial)MPa240170
Tensile strength (transverse)MPa5030
Tensile Modulus (axial)GPa2317
Tensile Modulus (transverse)GPa75
Flexural strength (axial)MPa240170
Flexural strength (transverse)MPa10070
Inter-laminar shearMPa2515
Pin bearing strengthMPa7050

Additional Generic Physical Property Data

PropertyUnitstypical value
Densityg/cm 31.9
Barcol Hardness350
Water Absorption%1.0 max
Electrical StrengthkV/mm5-10
Coeff. of thermal expansiondeg C x 10 -66-10
Coeff. of thermal conductivityW/m deg C0.3-0.35

All our GRP Profiles comply with BS EN 13706- Reinforced plastics composites specification for pultruded profiles.

Palisade Fencing

Our Pales have been independently tested & comply with the requirements for BS 1722-12:2016
Our system has also been independently tested & complies with the pull out test for BS 1722-12:2016.

– Fire retardant to BS476
– Pt7 Class 1
– Pt7 Class 2
– Low smoke
– Low toxicity

Other Points
– Price dependant on volume
– Next day delivery in most cases

Why GRP Palisade Fencing?

For many industrial sectors, GRP Palisade Fencing is fast becoming the number one choice, and it’s no wonder when you see the main features and benefits. This type of fencing is predominantly installed for protection and security measures. There are a variety of heights available within our range for you to select from to suit your specific requirements.

What Are The Main Features?

The main features of GRP Palisade Fencing make it the number one fencing option for many industrial-type businesses. Perhaps one of the main features that makes it so attractive is that this type of fencing is long-lasting and therefore virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, you will have to do little to best preserve the fencing and they’re also UV-resistant. Moreover, this type of fencing is also non-conductive and lightweight.

What Is Palisade?

Palisade is the most traditional form of security fencing but is still the most effective in today’s market. Palisade fencing is the number one choice for businesses and settings within the public sector that require high-security fencing and boundaries. Palisade truly is security at its best. Palisade fencing is constructed and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions and is difficult to break down.

Where Is GRP Fencing Best Installed?

This type of fencing can be found installed at a variety of different commercial and industrial-type businesses and settings. Typical industrial sites used Palisade Fencing to protect key assets, machinery, and the building itself. Moreover, GRP fencing is also regularly supplied and installed at electrical enclosures, chemical enclosures, and gas enclosures.

Why Choose Engineered Composites?

Engineered Composites are the UK’s leading supplier of GRP products for a wide range of sectors and industries. We have been trading for over 35 years now and continue to offer an unrivalled service that goes above and beyond for all customers that use our products.

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