grp products for local authorities

GRP Products For Local Authorities

Engineered Composites work with local authorities throughout Chester and throughout the UK to ensure public safety on a number of different projects. A key example of where our products provide real value is installing GRP anti-slip products for pedestrian safety on footbridges. Other reasons where we team up with local authorities may also include to implement safer access platforms, safer platform walkways, and more. Our main GRP products that we supply for local authority projects include GRP rebar in sea defences, GRP handrails, and GRP anti-slip products.

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GRP Rebar For Sea Defences

GRP Rebar products are the ideal solution for sea defences and for various marine structures. Marine structures are known to be subject to encounter regular harsh conditions and weathering and therefore, it’s essential for local authorities to have the strongest type of Rebar in place to withstand. Compared to traditional options – such as Steel Rebar – GRP rebar is well-known for being corrosion-resistant and therefore the better long-term option. Elements such as sea water and chloride-contaminating elements are known to accelerate the corrosion process but not when you have GRP Rebar in place.

GRP Handrails

Engineered Composites are also able to supply and install a number of different types of GRP Modular Handrails and GRP Standard Handrails for local authorities. We have an abundance of experience in installing made-to-measure handrails for leisure centres, open spaces, industrial estates, and much more. In places where there is a heavy footfall and increased risk of slipping, GRP handrails are absolutely essential to offer that much needed additional support. There are a wide range of different GRP handrail products to select from including End Stanchion, Mid Stanchion, and Corner Stanchion.

GRP Anti-Slip Products

Another GRP product that we provide for local authorities is GRP anti-slip products. We are proud to currently work with a number of local councils and authorities to ensure optimum safety for the general public in a number of public spaces throughout car parks, transport depots, and open spaces. Our anti-slip flooring products help to drastically mitigate the risk of falls and trips, and meet all latest health and safety regulations. Additional/related products also include stair tread covers, decking strips, gritted sheets, and other accessories that you can explore by clicking here and heading over to the dedicated page.

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Why GRP For Local Authorities?

Local authorities have a duty to ensure that infrastructure is as good as it can be and that health and safety requirements are fully covered. Local authorities also work on a budget and are seeking long-term solutions that require minimal maintenance throughout the years. That’s exactly what you get with GRP products from Engineered Composites. Whether you’re seeking the supply of anti-slip products for a local train station or GRP rebar for sea defences, we are here to help. Further benefits of GRP products for local authorities include the following;-

• Highly versatile
• Highly flexible
• Corrosion resistant
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• And much more

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