grp stair treads

GRP Stair Treads

Here at Engineered Composites, we are able to supply GRP stair treads for a wide range of industries and markets. There are many occasions where a floor or decking needs a durable anti-slip surface. Bonding a GRP slip resistant sheet to the floor is a quick, effective and cost effective solution. GRP sheet and stair tread covers with a gritted anti-slip surface are available from stock.

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Our GRP stair tread covers are available predominantly in black with yellow nosing with a panel thickness of 4mm and the predominant standard size available being 3660mm x 345mm x 55mm. GRP stair tread covers are the best solution available in today’s market for ensuring safety on slippery stairs, especially within public environments such as at train stations and other high footfall areas.

grp stair treads

Where Are GRP Stair Tread Covers Used?

GRP stair tread covers are attached and used to existing stairs where the general public have an increased chance of slipping, tripping or falling. Here at Engineered Composites, we are able to supply GRP stair tread covers to a wide range of businesses and premises both indoors and outdoors. Examples of where stair tread covers are installed include; chemical factories, train stations, schools, local authority properties, heavy plant locations, and more. You can expect a long-term and highly durable solution with stair tread covers as they are naturally both impact resistant and corrosion resistant, and can therefore be used even in harsh environments.

GRP Stair Treads – Benefits

GRP stair tread covers can be easily fitted and attached over most types of stairs and steps in order to increase safety and significantly reduce accidents from occurring. Our team at Engineered Composites are able to cut to the exact size that you require to ensure a perfect fit. As well as GRP stair treads providing long-term safety solutions, they are also extremely flexible and can therefore be laid over multiple different materials such as concrete stairs, open grilles, metal, and wood. Moreover, a quick installation process is absolutely guaranteed with very minimal maintenance required over the years. 

Furthermore, GRP stair tread covers also enhance visibility, functionality and safety with a clear yellow line on show. Further benefits include the fact that they are fire retardant with high traction and they also have a lower life cycle cost than steel, and are therefore often the more favourable option.

Outdoor Stair Applications

GRP stair tread covers can be installed for a wide range of outdoor stair applications, particularly on concrete steps. With the typical British weather to contend with, you need a tough and durable solution which is exactly what you get with GRP. Stair treads are able to provide security and safety for outdoor applications such as factory floors, golf clubs, warehouse floors, production areas, access ramps, loading bays, and fire escapes. Whatever type of outdoor application you require GRP stair treads for, we can supply them in the quantity and measurements that you require.

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