What are GRP Mini Mesh Gratings?

GRP Mini Mesh Gratings are innovative flooring solutions crafted from glass reinforced plastic (GRP), set apart by their specialised mini mesh design. This design is defined by its smaller mesh size, notably finer than traditional mesh gratings, offering enhanced safety and performance features suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

These gratings, often referred to as micro mesh, provide a credible alternative to steel mesh, combining the benefits of standard mesh with the unique advantages of smaller, open mesh configurations for improved safety and functionality.

Mini Mesh Gratings VS Standard Mesh Gratings

Mini mesh gratings excel beyond standard mesh gratings with superior features, including enhanced anti-slip qualities and a more effective barrier against small objects slipping through. Their compact mesh dimensions such as 12mm x 12mm, ensure smoother mobility for wheeled devices and smaller footwear.

While traditional mesh gratings are praised for their corrosion resistance and slip-resistant surfaces, mini mesh gratings augment these advantages through a tighter mesh pattern, elevating both safety and longevity. This makes mini mesh gratings an exceptional choice, not only for their inherent corrosion-resistant properties but also for their ability to meet the rigorous standards set forth by BS 7976-2, ensuring a high level of performance and safety.


  • Anti-slip: The surfaces of both mini mesh and standard mesh gratings are engineered for anti-slip performance, ensuring maximum safety in conditions that are wet or slippery.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Constructed from GRP, these gratings boast exceptional resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for environments prone to water or chemical exposure, such as marinas and industrial applications. Their resistance to elements like water and alga further underscores their suitability for challenging environments.
  • Durability Components: The integration of grit and resin into the fabrication of GRP gratings is crucial, enhancing both their durability and resistance to slipping.
  • Safety Testing: These gratings have undergone rigorous testing, including the ball falling test, to verify their capacity to prevent accidents by obstructing objects, like a European 15mm ball, from passing through, thereby ensuring added safety.


GRP mini mesh grating is designed to meet diverse application needs with precise sizing options. Common sizes such as the 12mm x 12mm mesh are particularly suited for scenarios demanding refined grating to enhance both safety and utility.

The manufacturing of these grating products adheres strictly to BS (British Standards), showcasing our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance.

This adherence not only highlights the reliability of the product but also ensures its suitability across a broad spectrum of industries and environments.

Common Applications for Mini Mesh GRP Grating

Mini mesh GRP grating finds its application across a variety of sectors, offering solutions where safety and durability are of paramount importance.
  • Marina Decking: Its suitability for marinas stems from its excellent corrosion resistance and anti-slip features, ensuring a safer and more durable surface in wet, marine conditions.
  • Pontoons and Gangways: The compact mesh size effectively prevents small objects from slipping through, while also facilitating smoother movement. This makes it a prime choice for gangways and pontoons, enhancing pedestrian safety and accessibility.
  • Walkway and Industrial Equipment: For walkways surrounding industrial equipment or within industrial settings, the non-slip surface combined with its resistance to corrosion contributes significantly to both the safety and longevity of the installation.
  • Utility Company Sites: For utility sites, where the integrity of the surface and worker safety are critical, mini mesh grating offers a solution that withstands harsh conditions while ensuring a secure footing.
  • Chemical Plants: In environments exposed to corrosive substances, its exceptional resistance to chemicals and corrosion makes it an invaluable asset for maintaining a safe work area.
  • Train Stations: The durability and anti-slip nature of mini mesh grating make it suitable for high-traffic areas like train stations, where passenger safety and platform maintenance are key concerns.

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