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GRP Products For Educational Settings – Schools & Colleges

Here at Engineered Composites, we provide GRP products for a wide range of educational establishments including schools, colleges, and universities. Educational establishments are places that have to contend with an incredibly high footfall on a daily basis. Because of this, it naturally increases the risk of slips, trips and falls. However, the good news is that with our range of GRP products, you can make your school or college a much safer place for your students. For the education sector, we supply and install three main GRP products; GRP flooring, GRP handrails, and GRP mesh fencing.

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GRP Anti-Slip Flooring

Within educational establishments, it’s absolutely imperative to put health and safety as a priority. Because of the high footfall of students and teachers that pass through, spillages and trips are at an increased risk. However, there is a fantastic solution to this and that is GRP mesh grating flooring. This is a proven type of flooring for heavy footfall and much better alternative when compared to traditional types of flooring such as steel mesh grating. This type of flooring in educational settings truly helps to create an enhanced anti-slip surface with additional grip to prevent injuries and falls.

GRP Handrails

Although they may not be as obvious as anti-slip flooring to prevent injuries and trips, GRP handrails are another great addition to any educational setting to prevent avoidable trips within school premises. There are two main options to select from; GRP standard handrails and GRP modular handrails. GRP Handrails can be easily installed throughout various places on your school grounds, especially in places where accidents may be at an increased likelihood. All GRP handrails can be designed to your bespoke requirements with a few different colours to select from to also suit your preferences.

GRP Mesh Fencing

Engineered Composites also supply and install GRP mesh fencing at schools, colleges and universities. GRP mesh fencing is commonly installed around larger surface areas such as playgrounds and astroturf pitches on school premises. GRP mesh fencing is also typically very high and is ideal if you’re looking to further increase security around certain areas. There are many reasons as to why GRP mesh fencing is fast becoming the number one type of fencing for schools. As well as being extremely flexible, it’s also very durable and requires very minimal maintenance making it a cost-effective solution for the years to come.

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Why GRP For Schools?

GRP – also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester – has come a long way and there are many reasons why schools, colleges and universities are now turning to GRP for various applications instead of traditional steel and other alternatives. Firstly, GRP products require virtually no maintenance whatsoever which is ideal for educational establishments to use budgets wisely. Secondly, GRP is very cost-effective and is highly durable which means there will be no requirement or consideration to replace every few years. Other benefits of choosing GRP products for handrails, anti-slip flooring and other applications include;-

• Highly versatile
• Highly flexible
• Corrosion resistant
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• And much more

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