Why GRP can save you money and time!

A question many people ask, what is GRP?  GRP also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic is a composites material known as Fibreglass. 

And now you are wondering why use GRP?   It is a lightweight equivalent to steel.  This will save you time and money as it is easy to transport and handle on site. 

Learn the 7 main factors why GRP is more advantageous:

  1. High corrosion resistance.     

Offering exceptional corrosion resistance, GRP is highly tolerant of the most aggressive of environments. Its total resistance against chloride ion attacks demonstrates its durable nature and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Unlike traditional alternatives, such as steel, aluminium and timber, GRP delivers a long-term practical solution that overcomes the inherent corrosion challenges facing industry today.


  1. High strength.    

GRP’s superior tensile strength is equal to or greater than equivalent steel profiles. Despite its lightweight properties, GRP offers impressive strength-to-weight load-bearing performance. The high glass-to-resin ratios used in our technically advanced formulation ensure our GRP products outperform and outlast traditional materials.

  1. Lightweight     

75% lighter than steel equivalents, GRP significantly reduces transport costs- instead of 4 trucks to site you would only need 1! It also eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment. As it can be easily cut and manoeuvred onsite, the risk of manual handling injuries is mitigated.

GRP Interlocking Floors

  1. Non-conductive, inert and non-sparking

The non-conductive properties of GRP make it ideally suited for use on electrically hazardous sites. A highly effective electromagnetic and thermal insulator, it is electronically transparent and not affected by electromagnetic fields or radio wave frequencies. The non-sparking qualities of GRP make it suitable for locations where combustible gases may be present.

  1. High impact resistance

GRP resists sudden and severe point loading and avoids permanent distortion. If the GRP is deformed due to impact, it will return to its original shape without contractors having to incur costly repairs or replacements.

  1. Easy to fabricate         

GRP can be easily fabricated and cut onsite to accommodate precise specifications and complex layouts. Using standard hand tools, such as circular saws, contractors can easily cut the product without compromising any of its advantageous properties.

GRP Standard Handrails

  1. Low maintenance         

GRP is an incredibly resilient and durable material that delivers outstanding cost benefits. GRP, in all its forms, offers a low maintenance solution with little need for renovation or refurbishment during its twenty plus years lifespan.

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