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What is GRP

What is GRP? What is FRP? And What is GFRP?

It can be very confusing. The acronyms stand for the following:-

• FRP Fibre Reinforced Polymer

• GFRP Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer

• GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer

Therefore the terms FRP, GFRP and GRP can all mean a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer. However there are other fibres which can reinforce polymers. For example the fibres could be :-

• Carbon

• Aramid

• Basalt

• Natural fibres eg flax

For example, in the case of Carbon , the polymer is called CFRP, Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer.

FRP has great potential in infrastructure and building applications because it is a high-strength,

fatigue resistant, lightweight and durable material.

Example of Pultruded Profile:-

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