GRP Railway Handrail

Why Handrails Are Important

GRP Handrails are important for a number of industries and sectors. You’ll be used to seeing handrails present in public places such as local parks, train stations, and other environments where there is a risk of falling or injury. Fundamentally, handrails are essential for protecting the general public and particularly people with mobility issues. Although steel handrails have been a common favorite for decades, GRP handrails are now the go-to material for handrails.

GRP Handrails Improve Safety

According to the Health and Safety Executive, falls from a considerable height are one of the most common reasons for fatal injuries in the workplace. This is predominantly from environments such as chemical stations, electrical substations, and construction sites. However, it’s not just in the workplace where fatal injuries and accidents can occur. It’s also in public places where there is often heavy football and large amounts of people.

Without a doubt, safety is the number one reason that handrails are supplied and installed by industry-leading companies just like Engineered Composites. Secure handrails located and installed at your premises are fantastic for providing stability for people of all ages and mobility. Moreover, GRP handrails can also play a significant part in directing heavy footfall which is particularly useful in train stations for people coming from all different directions and traveling to different platforms.

Handrails – Additional Safety Tips

When you choose GRP handrails, there are some additional safety tips that you should consider to ensure that safety is being maximised for workers and/or the general public. In regards to maintenance, you’ll be pleased to know that GRP handrails require very minimal maintenance.

One of our top recommendations for handrails is to use colour to make them clear and stand out for all people regardless of disability or mobility. In particular, we highly recommend yellow standard modular handrails. Bright handrails can provide a fantastic safety advantage and make handrails visible even in challenging or darker conditions. Furthermore, GRP handrails should have a continuous grip that allows the customer to release the grip mid-transit.

Why GRP Handrails?

GRP Handrails – available in both modular and standard ranges – are the go-to option in today’s market. Unlike alternate materials used for handrails, GRP handrails offer a much more durable and cost-effective option. Moreover, GRP also has notable characteristics that make it pretty impressive such as high-impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

The flexibility and adaptability of GRP handrails truly make them suitable for a multitude of environments and applications. We regularly supply GRP handrails for the likes of ramps, pedestrian bridges, staircases, and a number of other applications. Furthermore, GRP Modular Handrails are one of the safest options in the industry because of the connectors used within the structure.

Why Choose Engineered Composites?

Engineered Composites have been supplying GRP products, and particularly GRP handrails, for over 35 years and have developed an outstanding reputation throughout the UK for repeat and also new customers. All our GRP suppliers operate in accordance with stringent ISO 9001 quality standards and our own exacting specifications. We are proud to be a 5-star rated GRP supplier and continue to offer excellent service for all customers.

GRP Handrails

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