How To Improve Onsite Safety In Winter

Are you looking for ways to improve onsite safety in the winter? If so, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Cold and wet conditions can create a wide range of problems and potential hazards for a multitude of industries and markets. However, in this latest blog post, we’ll be covering our top THREE tips on how you can improve your workplace safety this winter.

Even when conditions are wet and unsafe, you should ensure the safety of all workers and employees. Significantly reducing the chance of hazards and accidents by implementing GRP products is the best way you can achieve this. Continue reading our latest blog on how to improve workplace safety this winter or call us directly for our professional and expert advice.

GRP Handrails


GRP Handrails are suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. The main purpose of GRP Handrails is to provide safety and protection for workers, particularly in industrial environments. When working in wet and tricky conditions, the chances of falling and injuring yourself are significantly increased. And what’s the first thing we do when we feel like we are falling? We reach out and grab something. GRP Handrails provide that much-needed protection and safety. Engineered Composites commonly supply handrails which are also ideally suited for ramps, pedestrian barriers, and staircases.

GRP Flooring

Another top tip from our expert team at Engineered Composites to improve workplace safety in the winter is to consider GRP flooring. GRP flooring helps to avoid falls and trips from happening in the first place. As well as keeping your employees and workers safe, GRP flooring also meets the very latest Health & Safety standards. In the winter months especially, GRP flooring is highly suitable in various public places such as pedestrian bridges, walkways, and factory production line walkways. Moreover, as a result of the durability and strength of GRP, you can also expect to benefit from anti-slip flooring for decades to come.

Anti-Slip Products

In the harshest of environments, you may want to consider further anti-slip products for extra protection. Anti-slip products are commonly found installed in public places such as Railways and shopping centres. There is a range of further anti-slip products to select from that provide extra security and protection including;-

Stair tread covers – Slips and trips in the winter months are common on stairways. For example, accidents can happen when traveling up and down rail stairways. Fortunately, stair tread covers are a fantastic product that serves as a slip-resistant cover as a quick and cost-effective solution.

Decking strips – If you operate within an environment where workers or visitors access decking, you may want to consider GRP decking strips. When decking is wet, it can present the risk of slips, falls, and trips. However, GRP decking strips offer the fall protection required to allow people to feel safe within your operations.

Gritted sheets – Similar to stair tread covers, gritted sheets are suitable and commonly located near disabled ramps, factory floors, platforms, bridges, landing areas, and other areas where falls or trips are likely due to wet, winter conditions. All our GRP grating, anti-slip systems, and flooring are fire retardant to ASTM E 84.

GRP Interlocking Floors

Why Choose Engineered Composites?

Here at Engineered Composites, we are proud to be the number #1 GRP supplier in the UK. We supply GRP products all year round but definitely see a high demand when we are approaching and going into the winter months. Engineered Composites are a 5-star company with an excellent reputation for serving a multitude of markets and industries. Our products include; GRP handrails (modular and standard), GRP flooring, Anti-Slip products, and much more. You can view our full list of GRP products here.

GRP Handrails

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