grp walkways

The Importance Of GRP Walkways

The importance of GRP walkways, particularly in public places, should not be underestimated. GRP walkways provide a safe and anti-slip surface for people accessing platforms or walkways.

Engineered Composites are the number 1 GRP supplier for many products.  One product we supply is GRP gratings that are lightweight yet extremely durable and strong. For more information, see our dedicated GRP gratings page here.

You can expect to see GRP gratings serving as GRP walkways at railways, at industrial platforms, and on bridges. Wherever there is an increased risk of slips, trips or falls, GRP walkways are paramount.

Creating safe walkways for pedestrians to access is imperative. Whether it’s supplying GRP walkways for local authorities or for private businesses that are seeking to provide safe access for clients and customers, Engineered Composites are here to help.

grp walkways

GRP Walkways – Features & Benefits

You may be thinking, why GRP for walkways? In this section, we’ll be covering the main features and benefits:

Strong & Robust – Despite their lightweight attributes, GRP materials have strong and robust characteristics which makes it an ideal-type material for walkways. Especially when compared to traditional alternatives, such as traditional steel, you can expect GRP to be much more hard-wearing.

Fire-Resistant – GRP gratings and walkways are also fire-resistant for peace of mind. All GRP Moulded Gratings supplied and delivered by Engineered Composites are fire-resistant to ASTM E 84 and BS476 Class 2.

Zero Maintenance – Once installed, you won’t have to worry about keeping on top of walkways and even considering maintenance. That’s right, they require zero maintenance and you can expect them to last for the decades to come.

Non-Slip – GRP gratings and walkways provide non-slip characteristics. This is particularly important within dangerous and potentially hazardous environments such as chemical plants and oil rigs.

Types Of GRP Gratings/Walkways

GRP Solid Top Gratings – A popular type of GRP gratings amongst our customers. During the manufacturing process, a solid grp sheet is bonded to the grp open mesh moulded GRP for additional anti-slip characteristics.

GRP Moulded Stair Treads – This type of GRP grating is specifically used for when passengers step off the train at railway stations. Moulded stairs treads are rectangular mesh panels that provide additional strength which is required for maximum safety.

Mini Mesh Gratings – Another popular option amongst our customers. Mini mesh gratings are commonly used for the Marine sector Fall protection is essential for the Marine industry with slippery surfaces almost being guaranteed.

ISO9001 accreditation

Engineered Composites are the number 1 GRP supplier for many products including GRP Gratings for walkways. We supply to a number of markets including Marine, Construction, Industrial, Rail, Leisure, Electrical, and others. We are an independently-owned GRP supplier that has been trading for over 36 years and we continue to provide an exceptional service. Moreover, we are proud to be a 5-star rated company.

For more information or to receive your FREE no-obligation quotation for GRP walkways, please call us today on 01244 676000  or use our online contact form. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

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