GRP Modular Handrails

GRP Handrails – Key Benefits & Features

In certain environments, it’s important to consider what you need to implement to ensure optimal health and safety. When it comes to construction sites, industrial sites, blocks of flats and other places that could be considered more high risk, you need to plan even more meticulously to ensure everyone who occupies or visits the area is safe and sound.

One thing that plays a crucial role in this is GRP handrails which is actually what this blog is all about. More specifically, over the years GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) handrails have become a lot more popular due to their array of benefits and features which we’ll dive into just now.

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GRP stands for Glass-Reinforced Plastic and is a manufactured material made from strands of glass called fibres and a polymer resin matrix which are bonded together. The way it’s fabricated is purposely meant to be tough, durable and weather resistant which is why they’re ideal for handrails.


Unlike more traditional handrails like steel or timber, GRP handrails aren’t going to rot, corrode or change much at all over a long period of time.

Come rain, sun, snow or high winds, you can almost guarantee your GRP handrails will be in top condition regardless of the conditions. They also require very little maintenance in this way either so they’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor handrails. 


In a similar way to the point above, GRP handrails are lightweight as well as really sturdy. The lightweight nature means the overall weight of the structure is less so there’s less strain in that area. This may contribute to the longevity of the structure itself meaning less money might have to be spent over a long period of time.

For example if you have a roof terrace you’ll have a handrail running around the perimeter so people are safe. The lightness of the GRP means there’s less stress on the building below which could be considered a better option than metal or wood. 


GRP handrails are excellent in terms of the safe nature of them. They’re manufactured with a slip-resistant coating to provide extra grip on your hands. A lot of GRP handrails have a textured finish allowing for less traction when gripping and using it, even in wet or oily circumstances.

What’s more is that GRP is actually thermally insulating so if it’s cold outside, heat will be stored in the material making it more comfortable to touch and not a freezing shock. This differs to metal, especially that tends to replicate similar if not worse temperatures to what the actual weather is at that time.


Though this next benefit isn’t paramount in terms of safety, there are a lot of customisation options available with GRP handrails. You can get them in lots of colours and finishes which is useful to know if you wanted to specifically request it to be made in the same colours as your brand or building.

A final but not only other benefit to GRP handrails are the fact that they’re easy to fabricate and install. This means it’s even more simple to have a sturdy, strong, durable, good looking handrail on your building.


GRP Handrails are a much better eco-friendly option compared to steel and other alternatives. The composite material is recognized for its remarkable weight reduction of 50% compared to alternative fencing materials.

This significant decrease in weight not only simplifies the installation process but also facilitates the transportation of the fencing from one location to another.

GRP Modular Handrails

GRP Handrails – Supplied By Engineered Composites

GRP handrails, in our opinion, are absolutely brilliant and we’d recommend them to a number of businesses, organisations and people for a whole host of building types. It’s the benefits above that accumulate to make GRP a stunning material for handrails suitable for all industries and sectors. They have safety credentials, brilliance in structure and various customisation options

Glass Reinforced Plastic Handrails

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