GRP Palisade Fencing

GRP Fencing – Key Applications

Engineered Composites supply GRP Fencing to various industries and sectors throughout the UK. Whether you’re seeking GRP Mesh or Palisade Fencing, we can supply and deliver directly to your address.

In this latest blog, we’ll be exploring the key applications and places where GRP fencing is commonly used. Over the past decade or so, GRP fencing has emerged as the number one choice for ensuring security and durability.

Let’s get started and take a deeper look into the key applications…


GRP Fencing is suitable for environments where there is a risk of public safety. Therefore, it’s more than a suitable option for railways. In particular, Palisade Fencing is a fantastic option for railways and serves as a protective barrier along railway tracks.

As a result of the installation of this type of fencing, it also helped to prevent unauthorised access and decreases the chance of trespassing on the tracks. As GRP is non-conductive, it also makes it an ideal choice near electrified sections.

Energy & Utilities

Another key application and sector we serve when it comes to supplying this type of fencing is for Energy and Utilities. Again, the non-conductive nature of GRP makes it a fantastic option which helps to reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

Moreover, its resistance to corrosion and weathering makes it a durable solution for outdoor installations, protecting sensitive equipment and infrastructure. GRP Mesh fencing is commonly supplied to safeguard electrical substations.


GRP’s resistance to chemical corrosion also makes it a suitable choice for industrial settings and environments. For example, GRP fencing is regularly supplied to safeguard chemical plants and industrial sites.

Whilst GRP Palisade Fencing can ensure the security around the perimeter of your premises, you’ll also benefit from long-term cost savings as zero maintenance is required. Both Mesh and Palisade Fencing can be a great choice for industrial environments.

Commercial and Public Facilities

GRP Fencing, particularly Palisade Fencing, can be found professionally installed at commercial and public spaces throughout the UK. Here at Engineered Composites, we regularly supply to shopping centres, hospitals, sports stadiums, and schools.

Its lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for easy installation and customisation. This makes it an attractive choice for security perimeters. Additionally, GRP fencing can be designed to blend seamlessly with the surroundings, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these spaces.


Engineered Composites offers comprehensive supply and delivery services for GRP Fencing specifically tailored to meet the needs of the electrical industry. When it comes to ensuring optimal protection and access control around electrical equipment, supplies, and potentially hazardous machinery, GRP Fencing stands out as the superior choice.

Our range of options includes GRP Mesh Fencing and GRP Palisade Fencing. In the electrical industry, we highly recommend GRP Mesh Fencing, renowned for its lightweight design and electromagnetic transparency, making it an ideal solution.

GRP Palisade Fencing

GRP Fencing – Supplied By Engineered Composites

Engineered Composites are proud to be the UK’s number #1 leading supplier of GRP Fencing which includes Palisade and Mesh Fencing. Choosing GRP ensures that you benefit from longevity and other key properties including its lightweight nature, high impact resistance and strength.

GRP Security Fencing

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