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GRP Handrails: The Ideal Solution For Challenging Environments

There are so many rules, regulations and precautions in place for buildings in order to keep people safe at all times. On top of this are safety products and features on the market that can add extra layers of protection in certain environments. Whether it’s a busy pedestrian bridge, or an industrial facility, the need for reliable and durable safety features cannot be overstated.

A perfect example of this is Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) handrails. In challenging environments where traditional materials might fail or weather, GRP handrails emerge as the ideal solution, offering a unique combination of strength, versatility, and longevity.

In this blog, we will explain why GRP handrails are the ideal solution for challenging environments. 

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What is Glass Reinforced Plastic? (GRP)

Firstly, it’s important to explain a little about what GRP actually is. GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic and is also known as fibreglass because it is made up of  a combination of glass fibres.

The result of this amalgamation is a seriously strong, durable, lightweight and non corrosive material, perfect for specific applications. It’s really no wonder why GRP has found its way into numerous industries, ranging from aerospace to marine and, of course, construction. More specifically, why GRP is so commonly used for handrails. Let’s delve into the benefits and reasons why, in more detail. 

Durability in Adverse Conditions

GRP handrails are brilliantly durable and are able to stand the test of time against adverse weather conditions. You would most likely find with more traditional materials such as steel and wood that whilst they’re strong too, they weather against the elements whereas GRP doesn’t.

GRP simply will not rust, corrode or become damaged from the sun, rain, wind, hail, or anything else. To further build this point, but from another angle, GRP is great for certain situations such as places where chemicals are handled or there’s lots of footfall such as warehouses or laboratories because GRP won’t damage in those conditions either. Resilience and durability is one of the main benefits to GRP handrails. 

Versatility in Application

GRP handrails can be designed with almost any purpose or environment in mind. Due to the flexibility of the material and the way it is made, lots of shapes and sizes can be produced.  

Furthermore, GRP handrails can be produced in an array of colours and finishes, allowing them to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic of the environment. This versatility in design ensures that safety doesn’t compromise the visual appeal of a space.

Functional Benefits

In a fast paced business environment, where you’d likely find GRP handrails, there’s always so much going on around you so having a low maintenance handrail is ideal.

This is exactly what GRP handrails offer. There’s no need for varnishing, priming or coating GRP in anything, simply give them a wipe for hygiene purposes regularly and leave them be. What’s more is that GRP handrails will last a very long time too meaning they’re a great investment in the first place.

Reduced maintenance and longevity proves for long term savings. Finally the product itself is excellent in terms of performance providing a safe area for people to go around a building. 

GRP Standard Handrails

Non-Conductive Electricity Benefits

Certain environments, such as power plants or electrical installations, demand non-conductive safety features. Here, GRP handrails truly come into their own. Unlike materials like steel, GRP is a non-conductive material, making it a safe choice for environments where electrical hazards are a concern.

Workers and users can be assured that they are protected from accidental electrical currents when using GRP handrails. Of course, the fewer accidents, the better. 

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, being more sustainable and eco-friendly is quite rightly on people’s mind and having GRP handrails is a good way of adding to this.

GRP handrails offer a greener alternative due to their low environmental impact during production and their extended lifespan. We also have local suppliers here at Engineered Composites as well as manufacturing capabilities on site so low transportation and energy costs make for a better carbon footprint of the overall product. 

GRP Industrial Handrails

To conclude, GRP handrails are an excellent choice for many reasons, applications and environments. They are a very safe and secure option, they have performance benefits and they’re good for the environment which are all huge pluses. Their combination of strength, versatility, low maintenance, and safety features sets them apart from traditional materials like steel or wood.

We’d highly recommend GRP handrails as an excellent investment so if you’d like more information on them, please get in touch with our team here at Engineered Composites.

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