GRP & Net Zero 2050

Engineered Composites are the UK’s leading stockists and suppliers of high-quality, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant GRP products. This is one of the many reasons why GRP is becoming massively popular and a much better alternative to standard materials such as steel and aluminium. GRP is a long-lasting material with a typical lifespan of around 50-100 years.

GRP, as a material, is much stronger and durable and typically breaks down much slower than plastics, such as PVA and PVC, which have a bad reputation. If you’re looking for more information regarding sustainable GRP products, please call us today on 01244 676000.


GRP & Net Zero 

In line with Net Zero 2050, businesses and corporations must reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or ensure that any ongoing emissions are balanced by removals. In order to get further towards this goal, more and more businesses in a multitude of industries are now turning towards GRP as a high-quality alternative. Check out the 5 characteristics of GRP below which make it a great choice for business and reaching Net Zero 2050:

  • Produces Lower Emissions

GRP, as a material, produces much lower emissions into the atmosphere in comparison to other materials such as aluminum and steel. This is largely due to the fact that the manufacturing process is much simpler which plays a major part in lowering overall emissions released.

  • Recyclable Material

Another reason why GRP can positively contribute towards reaching the goal of net zero 2050 is that it is a recyclable material. GRP material and products can be easily repurposed and reused, even after their long life span. As a result, this helps to minimise waste that your business is putting out into the environment.

  • Requires 75% Less Energy

GRP requires 75% less energy in comparison to standard materials such as steel. Moreover, GRP is also proven to be 75% lighter than steel which means that around 50% less energy is required for transport and assembly. 

  • No Environmentally Harmful Finishing Operations

Another major environmentally-friendly benefit of GRP is the fact that there are no environmentally harmful finishing operations included such as hot-dip galvanizing. Various finishing operations, used on other materials, are required to ensure the maximum service life, but not for GRP.

  • Long Service Life

GRP products, such as handrails and pultruded profiles, are guaranteed long service life of anywhere between 50-100 years. This is largely because of the high-quality resins that are used during the manufacturing process.

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Further benefits of choosing GRP as a more sustainable material for a multitude of applications include high tensile strength, corrosion-resistance, non-conductive properties, radar transparent, and more. 

Whether you’re looking to find out more about the benefits of GRP and how it can help to achieve Net Zero 2050 or you want to explore our full range of GRP products, we are a call away from assisting you. 

For more information, please get in touch with our team today by calling us directly on 01244 676 000 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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