grp decking benefits

Features & Key Benefits Of GRP Decking

GRP decking, also known as fibreglass decking, offers a robust solution for various industrial and commercial applications. This type of decking is particularly suited for environments that demand durability and resistance to harsh conditions. 

Commonly used in chemical processing plants, marine environments, water treatment facilities, and other industrial settings, GRP decking provides a dependable flooring solution.

Key GRP decking benefits and features

•Low maintenance
•Customisation options
•And other benefits

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Let’s get into the benefits of GRP Decking in further detail…




GRP decking is a type of industrial flooring, made from composite materials, made up of a combination of glass fibres and polymers, or plastics. This mix of materials together provides a real robust and resilient structure, perfect for flooring. As you can imagine, flooring gets used a lot, with lots of impact and pressure put on it on a daily basis.

For this reason alone, it must be strong and durable enough to withstand this heavy traffic. Unlike traditional decking, GRP also copes perfectly with any form of harsh weather condition which further demonstrates how long it will last.

What’s more is that GPR doesn’t warp, corrode, discolour, lose structure or anything else like that. For flooring that will last the test of time and remain strong at all times, we’d highly recommend GRP decking.

grp decking benefits

Slip Resistance


Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to outdoor decking or any type of flooring, especially in areas prone to rain or high humidity.

GRP decking is designed with slip resistance in mind, making it an ideal choice for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The surface of GRP decking provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

This makes it suitable for use around swimming pools, on balconies, in factory mezzanines and in many other spaces where safety is a priority.


Low Maintenance


One of the many great things about GRP decking is that you barely need to maintain it in order to keep it functioning and in good condition. It’s very self-sufficient, especially in comparison to other materials used for decking and flooring such as timber that needs polishing, stripping and routine maintenance.

GRP decking is also non-porous making it easy to clean, and it doesn’t absorb water, preventing the growth of mould, mildew, algae and other nasty things.

This low-maintenance feature makes GRP decking a cost-effective and time-saving choice for homeowners and businesses alike.


Customisation Options


Because of the ease in manufacturing GRP decking, the production has evolved, now providing lots of options in terms of colours, finishes, textures, designs, styles and other customisation options.

Whether you’re aiming to get GRP decking to match a contemporary or traditional looking building, there will almost certainly be an option suitable.

The versatility in design makes it a popular choice for architects, landscapers, and building owners who want to enhance the visual appeal of their outdoor spaces.

Other Benefits to GRP Decking


Though there will be some more benefits missed out, here are some more further benefits to GRP Decking. Even though GRP Decking is so tough and durable, it’s seriously lightweight as well which adds to its versatility in terms of placement in any building.

This makes installation and transportation easier and reduces the load on structures so you can put it almost anywhere. Another benefit of GRP Decking is that it could be considered an environmentally friendly option.

The manufacturing process of GRP involves minimal waste, and the material itself is recyclable. Additionally, the long lifespan and low maintenance requirements contribute to a reduced environmental impact compared to other decking options. 


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To conclude, we hope this blog has allowed you to explore the benefits of GRP decking. In essence, the lightweight, durable, slip resistant, low maintenance and versatile nature of the product means it’s a more than suitable flooring option for a lot of different types of building.

We suspect the upward trend in GRP Decking popularity will continue for all the reasons we mentioned, but for more too.

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