GRP Ladders & Steps are an ideal alternative to steel. GRP Ladders is lightweight, non conductive, radar transparent, electromagnetically transparent and non corrosive.

Fibreglass Multi-Purpose Ladders & Steps
GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) ladders and steps are made from a composite material consisting of reinforced glass fibres in a plastic resin. Fibreglass ladders are commonly used in industrial settings and are preferred for their durability and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and fire. The GRP ladders and steps that we supply have several advantages over traditional ladders and steps made of other materials like wood, aluminium, or steel. For example, they are lightweight, making them easy to move and position. They are also non-conductive, meaning they do not conduct electricity, so they are safe to use around electrical equipment or in areas with electrical hazards. GRP ladders and steps are resistant to UV rays, making them ideal for use outdoors. They are also resistant to moisture and can be used in wet or humid environments without the risk of rust or corrosion.   Range of Sizes & Lengths Our GRP Ladders and Steps can be made in a range of sizes. Call us to discuss

Selection of access solutions Bespoke or off the shelf we can supply a wide range of GRP steps & Ladders

GRP Steps & Ladder Accessories We supply the full range of GRP Ladder accessories. Call our team now to order.
Units Property Data Property Data
Full section modulus GPa 23 17
Tensile strength (axial) MPa 240 170
Tensile strength (transverse) MPa 50 30
Tensile Modulus (axial) GPa 23 17
Tensile Modulus (transverse) GPa 7 5
Flexural strength (axial) MPa 240 170
Flexural strength (transverse) MPa 100 70
Inter-laminar shear MPa 25 15
Pin bearing strength MPa 70 50

GRP Step Ladders Technical Specs
Our GRP ladders and steps come in various configurations, including single and double-sided step ladders, platform steps. They can also be customized to meet specific requirements and can be designed to be collapsible or telescopic for easy storage and safety. Our GRP ladders and steps are a safe and practical option for many industrial applications. They are durable, lightweight, and resistant to various hazards, making them an excellent investment for any workplace. Our structural profiles with a thickness of over 5mm meet the higher performance E23 grade, while those at 3-5mm thick meet the E17 grade. The non-conductive, lightweight properties of GRP ladders make it a highly effective alternative to traditional steel ladders, whilst still maintaining strength. It is highly beneficial in areas such as railways, electrical substations, electrical enclosures, and chemical sites.   BS EN Standard All our GRP products adhere to BS EN quality standards

Bespoke Products We are able to create fully bespoke GRP solutions

35 Years Experience Leading UK GRP Manufacturer for over 35 years.

We are proud to offer an expansive selection of GRP profiles that cater to a wide array of commercial and industrial needs. Our comprehensive inventory includes standard items and specialised equipment, ensuring we can accommodate both common and unique project requirements.
  • GRP Profiles: These strong, glass fibre-reinforced profiles are designed for high corrosion resistance, making them perfect for harsh environments.
  • GRP Fire Retardant Profiles: Compliant with Fire Retardant BS476: part 7: 1997 Class 2 specifications, these profiles are ideal for areas requiring enhanced fire safety measures.
  • GRP Standard and Modular Handrails: Our handrails are robust and sturdy, yet easy to fabricate and install. The modular handrails provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal materials, aligning with industry needs for economic and durable solutions.
  • GRP Rods & Tubes: Featuring high glass content, our rods and tubes offer excellent mechanical properties suitable for various structural applications.
  • GRP Grating & Flooring: This range includes options that are competitively priced and feature anti-slip and damage resistance properties, enhancing safety in industrial settings.
  • GRP Interlocking Floors and GRP Decking: Our DECK500 interlocking flooring and Deck (500) solutions are strong, lightweight, and easy to install, ideal for outdoor and industrial use.
  • GRP Rebar: Offering a corrosion-resistant alternative to traditional steel rebar, our GRP composite reinforcement bar is comparable in strength and more durable in corrosive environments.
  • GRP Mesh and Palisade Fencing: Versatile and easy to construct, our GRP fencing solutions include non-conductive properties, making them effective alternatives to metal fencing in sensitive or hazardous areas.
  • GRP Anti-Slip Products and GRP Scaffold Tubes: To enhance safety, our anti-slip range helps mitigate the risk of slips and falls, while our fibreglass scaffold tubes are designed to match the outer diameter of standard scaffolding, providing a lighter and corrosion-resistant alternative.
  • GRP Walkways: Specifically designed for use in railways, industrial platforms, and bridges, our GRP walkways offer durability and safety in public and industrial spaces.
Each of these products is manufactured to meet ISO 9001 quality standards, with profiles adhering to BS EN 13706 and industrial safety elements following BS 4592 regulations, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable GRP solutions. Whether you require standard items or bespoke products, our team of GRP experts is ready to provide the necessary guidance and support to select the right solutions for your project needs.

Engineered Composites, strengthening industry, promoting sustainability whilst delivering cost benefits long-term.

GRP Ladders solutions provide low cost installation and maintenance across a wide range of industries

GRP Profiles
Durable, glass fibre pultruded profiles that offer high resistance against corrosion.

GRP Handrails
Robust and sturdy, a heavy-duty GRP handrail system that is easy to fabricate and install.

GRP Grating and Flooring
A competitively priced range with anti-slip and damage resistance properties.

GRP Interlocking Flooring
GRP DECK500 interlocking flooring is strong, lightweight and easy to install.

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