Harnessing the Power of Engineered Composites GRP Palisade Fencing for the Stoke Up and Down Cess Project

Case Study


Haigh Rail Limited made a strategic decision to deploy Engineered Composites’ GRP Palisade Fencing for the Stoke Up and Down cess project. This case study highlights why Engineered Composites’ GRP products and services are considered the best in the UK. The GRP Palisade Fencing, chosen for its non-conductive properties, played a critical role in ensuring safety and efficient operations near an active railway line.

Project Overview Client: Haigh Rail Limited

Equipment Utilized: 83m of 1.8m High GRP Palisade Fencing and Double Gates – Non-conductive Solution for Safety.

The proximity of the work site to an active railway line presented a unique challenge for Haigh Rail Limited. They needed a fencing solution that would mitigate the potential threat posed by high-speed trains travelling at 125mph during the construction of a new overhead viaduct.

Engineered Composites’ GRP Palisade Fencing was the ideal choice due to its non-conductive properties. This characteristic ensured that the fencing material did not conduct electricity, minimizing the risk of accidents and enhancing the safety of the work site.

Efficient Operation Flow

Engineered Composites’ GRP Palisade Fencing not only provided a safety measure but also contributed to efficient worksite operations. The fencing design included 4m wide GRP gates, enabling hassle-free access during planned possession works. This feature facilitated the flow of operations and ensured that work could continue smoothly without unnecessary delays.
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Demonstrating Expertise and Dedication

Haigh Rail Limited’s decision to choose Engineered Composites as the provider of the GRP fencing solution highlighted their understanding of project needs and commitment to safety and operational efficiency. Engineered Composites’ GRP products and services excelled in this project, addressing the specific requirements of working near the active railway line.


The Stoke Up and Down cess project exemplifies why Engineered Composites’ GRP products and services stand out as the best in the UK. By choosing Engineered Composites’ GRP Palisade Fencing, Haigh Rail Limited ensured the highest level of safety and operational efficiency near the active railway line.

This case study demonstrates the expertise, dedication, and commitment to quality that sets Engineered Composites apart from other providers in the industry.

Why you should consider GRP fencing?

The non-conductive, lightweight properties of GRP palisade fencing make it a highly effective alternative to traditional steel fencing, whilst still maintaining strength. It is highly beneficial in areas such as railways, electrical substations, electrical enclosures, and chemical sites.

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