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Case Study

Benefits of Modular Handrail Systems in Maintenance Areas on UK Railways

Maintenance areas in the UK’s railways require robust and reliable handrail systems to ensure the safety of workers. Engineered Composites GRP modular handrail system has emerged as the leading product in the UK market due to its numerous advantages over its competitors. In this case study, we will explore the benefits of our handrail system in maintenance areas and why it surpasses its competitors.

Durability and Corrosion Resistance:

Our GRP modular handrail system is constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), making it highly resistant to corrosion. The railings are impervious to environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, which are common in maintenance areas. Unlike traditional metal handrails that corrode over time, ECL’s GRP handrails offer superior durability and require minimal maintenance, reducing the overall lifecycle cost.

Lightweight and Easy Installation:

The GRP material used by ECL is lightweight, making the installation process quick and efficient. This is particularly advantageous in maintenance areas, where time is of the essence. The lightweight properties also mean that the transportation and handling of the handrail components are easier and require fewer resources compared to heavier alternatives, such as steel.

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Engineered Composites Ltd’s GRP modular handrail system has established itself as the leading product in the UK’s railway maintenance areas due to its numerous advantages over competitors. With its durability, corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, easy installation, versatility, enhanced safety features, and regulatory compliance, ECL’s handrail system offers a comprehensive solution that not only ensures the safety of maintenance workers but also provides long-term cost savings and peace of mind to rail operators.
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Versatility and Customisation:

ECL’s modular handrail system offers excellent versatility and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. The system comprises of various prefabricated components, including tubes, fittings, and connectors, which can be easily configured to fit any rail layout or design. This flexibility enables seamless integration with existing infrastructure and ensures adaptability to different maintenance areas on UK railways.

Enhanced Safety Features:

The design of ECL’s GRP modular handrail system prioritizes safety. The handrails are equipped with anti-slip properties, providing a secure grip even in wet or oily conditions. With the inclusion of bright, high-visibility colours the handrail system offers improved visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safety awareness among workers.

Regulatory Compliance:

ECL’s GRP modular handrail system complies with all relevant safety and accessibility regulations in the UK, and Building Regulations. The system is designed to ensure compliance with British Standards and can accommodate the necessary modifications to meet specific railway industry requirements.

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