Revolutionizing Infrastructure: A Case Study on Engineered Composites and Local GRP Fabrication for Atino Pylon Platform Project.


Engineered Composites, a leading distributor of composite materials partnered with a locaI Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) fabricator on a highstakes project — the Atina Pylon Platform.
This massive undertaking sought to revolutionise power transmission in challenging environments using GRP pultruded profiles supplied by Engineered Composites.

The Challenge:

The Atina Pylon Platform project presented unique difficulties. The chaIlenging environment, characterized by high humidity, volatile weather, and corrosive atmospheric conditions, made steel and aluminum, the usuaI goto materials, less practical and cost effective. This left a crucial gap for a material that was durable, Iightweight and resistant to severe weather and corrosion, whilst acting a an insulator to the main pylon structure.

Solution B Implementotion:

Engineered Composites, capitalizing on the potential of GRP, quickly emerged as a vanguard in offering sustoinable aIternatives. We proposed integrating GRP pultruded profiles into the Pylon Platform’s design due to this materials properties. Their locoI GRP fabricator partner manufactured custom shapes and sizes of GRP pultruded profiles which were strategic replacements for conventionaI metallic components. These profiles were then implemented in the construction of the Atina Pylon Platform.

Why GRP was the right solution:

GRP proved to be a game changer for the Atina Pylon Platform Project owing to its inherent properties.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The GRP profiles offered exceptional corrosion resistance a necessity in the harsh conditions of the pylons operational environment. This greatly reduced the cost over time associated with maintenance and replacements.
  • Lightweiqht: GRP profiles are significantly lighter than steel or aluminium, which facilitated easier, safer and faster installation, thereby reducing operational costs.
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio: Despite being lighter, the GRP maintains an impressively high strength to weight ratio, making it the pertect fit for a structure that needs to be robust and resilient.
  • Non Conductive: Being non conductive, GRP eliminates the perennial concern of electrical hazards in pylon transmission systems.

Due to varying weather climates, corrosion friendly material was on absolute must for our client. GRP was the ideal solution.

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Engineered Composites effectively ushered in a materiaI revolution in infrastructure with their successful implementation of GRP pultruded profiles in the Atina Pylon Platform project. By add messing the project’s unique challenges, they not only equipped the pylon for durability but aIso demonstrated the vast potential of GRP in large – scale structural implementations. This set a new benchmark for materiaI’s technology within the industry and highlighted the pivotal role of GRP within its future.

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