Standing The Test Of Time

Dubbed the material of the future, you could be forgiven for wondering why we have to wait until then to start reaping the many benefits glass reinforced plastics has to offer. The answer, in short, is that we don’t. Yet many developers are still overlooking its significant cost saving potential by sticking resolutely to traditional – and comparatively substandard – materials.

Tough in every way, GRP really does stand the test of time. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties, it requires little maintenance and has an incredibly long life span of approximately fifty years. It really is the Duracell Bunny of construction and infrastructure! Being able to withstand corrosive attacks from water and chemicals, it could save industries millions when compared with alternative materials.

A composite material of excellent strength, durability and performance, GRP is suitable for use in a range of application. If its extraordinary lifespan isn’t enough to tempt developers away from metallic alternatives, perhaps its lightweight properties will. Logistics can be the bane of many developments but being able to transport such a durable yet lightweight material to site and position it in place without heavy lifting equipment reduces installation costs considerably.

Strength and durability, versatility and manageability are just some of the unrivalled properties of GRP.

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